Copy Writing & Editing

Given that M3iworks was founded as a writing company, we definitely “get” the importance of clear, understandable, well-written web copy. Writing for the web is distinctly different than writing for print, as visitors tend to "scan" for key points versus read paragraphs of text.

We consistently follow three best-practice guidelines in creating effective web content.

Be succinct
Human factors research reveals that reading at the computer screen is typically 25% slower than reading on paper, and that website viewers indicate they are uncomfortable reading online. Short is good when writing for the Web; it's even better when writing for screen readers.

Write for "scannability"
Given that reading text online is difficult and that the experience tends to foster impatience, users do not typically read long, streaming pages of text. Instead, usability studies confirm that users scan text and pick out keywords, sentences and paragraphs of interest, and skip over text less interesting to them.

Use links to break up content into multiple pages
While brevity and scannability are critical, it is equally important to avoid sacrificing the depth of content a site can provide. M3iworks uses links to shorten text on the page and divide information into multiple pages. Each page can be succinct while relegating long and detailed information to secondary pages.

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