Web Design

Visual appeal is critical to engaging a target audience, so one of the M3iworks’ first responsibilities in a project is to involve key stakeholders to learn what is most appealing to the audiences targeted for a website. Visuals must be appropriate not only to the audiences, but to the content as well, and avoid detracting from key messages. The design has to embody the vision, mission, core values, and style of the company, and help achieve the organization’s strategic goals.

A clean, simple design is key to showcasing and navigating a content-rich site. M3iworks has more than 10 years of award-winning experience designing simply elegant, visually appealing, and easy-to-navigate content-rich websites.

While M3iworks has first-rate design expertise in-house, we also demonstrate tremendous flexibility and responsiveness in collaborating with in-house as well as outsourced marketing communications, PR, and advertising firms in the design process.